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All prices displayed in the shop Injector International are tax included and as an export outside EU European VAT excluded.


All shipments are fully insured (worldwide). In the event of a loss of the shipment caused by the carrier, you will be given a new shipment according to the order in the spare delivery date, with no additional charge.



The cost of delivery to any country on the world is free od charge and usually takes 3 - 5 business days.

If you use a PayPal payment method or card payment, you will not be charged any additional fees.


Sending old Injectors for repair to Repository 

The injectors must be replaced at the address below within 14 days after receiving the remanufactured injectors. The repairers may be sent in advance if needed.

The injectors should be carefully wrapped so that they do not get damaged. Injectors which are broken, disassembled or otherwise damaged outside normal wear and tear will not be accepted for repairs. It is impossible to claim a refundable deposit for such injectors.

The order number given in the order confirmation must be clearly indicated on the injector package.


Address for sending injectors to repair and returning old injectors:

Injector, do not forget type this code: Triloxxboxx 

Martin Wehnertplatz 5

02763 Zittau


Unused goods may also be returned to the mentioned address within the statutory deadline of 14 days after placing the order.